At Silver Tours, we excel in 'Crafting Unique Ephemeral Spaces', merging artistic flair with practicality. Our bespoke bi-slope marquees, polygonal structures, and rounded buildings transform any setting into an immersive experience. Our tents and structures go beyond mere shelters, serving as canvases for unforgettable events. Custom-designed concert stages and tailored installations for exhibitions or fairs further showcase our commitment to excellence.

With us, every structure is not just a space but a meticulously crafted experience, bringing your vision to vivid life.

Our handcrafted offerings include :

Tents & Structures

Tents and Structures: From classic to contemporary, our tents and structures are not just shelters but canvases for memorable events.

Concert Stages

Set the scene for unforgettable performances with our custom-designed concert stages, combining acoustics with aesthetics

Installation & Stands

Whether for exhibitions or fairs, our bespoke installations and stands are crafted to showcase and impress.


Bi-Slope Marquees & Polygonal Structures : Perfect for any event, our marquees and polygonal structures offer both elegance and practicality, tailored to your specific needs

Events Management

Crafting Unique Ephemeral Spaces

Our experience at your service

Because each traveler is different, our advisers are at your disposal
to build the trip of your dreams.

Your event

Our expertise

Our Mission

Whether it’s a conference, corporate party, incentive, meeting, concert, international tour, or team-building.

We provide a flexible solution to your event management needs, allowing you to choose from a full-service approach or to tailor services.

We do Corporate events exceptionally well. We help you meet and exceed your strategic goals bringing your ideas to life.